Foldable Mesh Gate for Dogs

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Ever need to keep your pet in a room and don’t have a door? This is the perfect option to keep your pet relaxed and contained without having a heavy and obstructive gate. Particularly useful in the kitchen when cooking so you can avoid tripping on your pet. 

✔️ READY TO USE - Get it and use it. No fancy tools or equipment required.

✔️ 29 INCHES TALL, EXPANDS TO 72 INCHES WIDE - Big enough to fit in most doorways or stairwells. Tall enough to keep dogs from jumping over.

✔️ STRONG AND DURABLE - Built with tough, see through woven mesh fabric, don't worry about this breaking as you use it. 

✔️ PORTABLE - Throw this in the car to take on your vacations. Small and portable enough to take with you anywhere you take your pets.