Classic Pet Finger Toothbrush - 8 Colors

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This ingenious little toothbrush helps ensure your dogs teeth stay clean and healthy as they get older. Soft yet effective, our toothbrush will get the job done without causing any harm to your pet. 

✔️ NON-TOXIC - Made from liquid silicone, don't worry about this being unsafe for your pet.

✔️ TEAR RESISTANT - With its soft but durable silicone material, this toothbrush stands up to dog's sharp and rigid teeth.

✔️ REDUCE DOCTORS VISITS - Bad teeth is a major cost for dog owners as they get older. Reduce your costs by regularly cleaning your pets teeth with this easy to use toothbrush.

✔️ SMALL YET EFFECTIVE - With long and short bristles on either side, this toothbrush gets the job done fast and easily. 


 *Due to very high demand please allow 1-4 weeks for shipping*