High Quality Deshedding Brush

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As a pet owner, a high quality pet brush can make a world of difference to keep your house and pet clean. With stainless steel bristles and a strong plastic handle, this brush takes deshedding to a whole new level. 

✔️ GROOMING NECESSITY - If you don't have a brush of this magnitude for your pet, get one. This best selling brush has been proven time and time again on some very dirty and dense hair. It works, and it works well. 

✔️ STAINLESS STEEL BRISTLES - Some brushes break fast. With these heavy duty bristles, they last for years to come and keep your brush as effective as the first day of use. 

✔️ DOES NOT HURT THE SKIN - You would think that stainless steel bristles hurt your dog's skin, but almost all dogs enjoy the massage-like feeling. With ease, this brush flows through your dogs hair, leaving it without knots and removing dead, dirty hair. 

✔️ EASY TO USE - This brush is so effective and easy to use that kids even can use it.