Dog Harness to Avoid Common Neck Issues

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Ever feel like your hurting your dogs neck when walking? At Rocky and Ruby, this is a common issue we set out to fix. With our dog harnesses, no longer do you have to worry about hurting your dog and can feel assured that your dog is safer with our reflective technology.

✔️ 12 COLORS AND 4 SIZES - With 12 color options, there won't be any reason your dog isn't looking its best on its daily walks. Even change it up and have a couple color options for fashion fun. Choose from small to extra large sizes, ideal for very small to extra large dogs.

✔️ REDUCE HEALTH PROBLEMS - Years of collar abuse takes its toll on older dogs. When they get older, their neck muscles get worse, making neck injuries more common. Reduce this risk with a harness.

✔️ MAXIMUM VISIBILITY - With our reflective technology, nightime won't seem as dangerous when cars are rushing by. Rest assured that your dog will be seen at night.

✔️ STRONG AND HIGH QUALITY - With our strong and comfortable nylon mixed fabrics, our harnesses last for years to come and keep your dog feeling its best.



Chest (cm / inch)

Neck (cm / inch)


45-51 / 18-20''

40-48 /16-19''


52-60 / 20-24''

45-54 / 18-21''


63-77 / 25-30''

54-67 / 21-26''


72-91 / 28-36''

60-70 / 24-27''

Dog Neck And Chest Size