Vehicle Safety Belt for Pets - 8 Colors

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Riding in a car is one of the single most dangerous experiences for an animal. If your pet isn't using a Vehicle Safety Leash he is significantly more likely to get injured in an accident. And it actually puts you at more risk as well. We where seat belts for a reason, and so should our pets. 

✔️ EASY AND SIMPLE - Most people don't restrain pets in the car because it's too hard. Not anymore. With this simple design all you have to do is insert the leash inside the seat belt buckle and you're ready to go. 

✔️ KEEP YOUR PET OFF YOUR LAP -  Having your pet on your lap while driving is the most dangerous position for your pet to be in. Not only are they not restrained in case of an accident, but they can suffer further damage from impact from the air bag. If you care about your pet, use our safety leash and keep your pet off your lap.

✔️ LIMIT DISTRACTIONS - Driving with pets in the car can get distracting. This distraction can lead to injury to you and your pets. With our safety leash you and your pet can enjoy a more calm and relaxed car ride without distraction.

✔️ EXTRA SECURITY WITH HARNESS -  Just like our seat belt restrains us at the chest and waist, our pets should also be restrained in two locations. When you connect our safety leash to a harness that's exactly what you get.